About us

The goal of PeninsulaTeaParty.org is not to form a powerful organization but to empower the individual by getting organized. The Peninsula Tea Party is part of the Tea Party movement. We are a movement to restore this country to a more constitutional form of government where the individual citizen is in control of government. We the people are endowed with rights and are the source of all power. We lend power to governments to protect those rights and as responsible citizens we must maintain control. If you recognize this you are already a part of the Tea Party movement and a member of the Peninsula Tea Party. There is no need for a hierarchical structure since a major goal is to reasert our position as citizens on top of the hierarcy that is the United States government. 

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Getting ORGanized:
PeninsulaTeaParty.org is to be tool to share ideas, discuss issues, communicate, share events, to ask for and to give support to fellow citizens to solve problems that are too important to leave in the hands of government. We will not regulate or dictate the content of these discussions but expect everyone to be civil and respectful of others rights.
You will see several resource pages listed on the left, not the least of which is PeninsulaTeaParty.com.
You will also see issue topics listed as single words followed by an @ symbol.
Each of these are set up as individual blogs which you can participate in simply by emailing to that topic name @PeninsulaTeaParty.org.
We will start with the topics brought up at the last meeting but you can also suggest new topics or issues by sending them to issuetopics@PeninsulaTeaParty.org.
Also moderators of each of these blogs are welcome and if you suggest a new one you will most likely be asked to help moderate it.

Stay up with and help others know about events by getting your own calendar and contributing to the PeninsulaTeaParty calendar!  Click here to learn how.
For questions or help with the site please contact Robert Alexander, 757-593-1719 or by email at admin@peninsulateaparty.org or alexanderofyork@yorkteaparty.org