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How to use & edit this calendar

We are using Google Calendars which is based on the iCal format. 

This site combines the several public calendars;, patriots@ofVA.US, &

Simply put, if you create a calendar event in your calendar and send an invitation to these calendars they will be posted automatically.

I recommend getting a Google account and your own Google calendar.
  • Google Accounts -  If you don't have a Google Account you can create a new account using your current email address even if it's not gmail. (You do NOT need to get a Google gmail,) Once created or if you already have a Google Account you can always add other emails that identify you to that same account and continue using the same Google resources.
  • You may already have a calendar that will work for this like the iCal that comes with most Apple Mac computers or if you have an account with a domain that uses Google calendars (like,, or  If not start your own calendar at
  • Now once you have a calendar, you are able to create events in your calendar and send them to these calendars by putting the calendar's email address "Add guests" box.
Be a calendar editor:  click here to add the calendar to your Google calendars -->
  • To see and edit the shared calendar from your calendar click on "Add" under Other Calendars in the left side bar of your calendar and  choose "add by url" then paste in this   or add a friend's calendar and use  in the email box. Other public calendars are patriots@ofVA.US and  
  • If you are an editor of this calendar it will be listed in the Calendar: box when you are creating or editing an event.
  • If you are not yet an editor please send an email to the calendar address with the subject "Make me an editor."
Adding an event simply starts with clicking on the date. 
You can save fill in the "what" and [create the event] or edit event details.
In the detailed edit you can put the specific time, fill in the location address which will give a map link, and fill in as much detail description as you need. Then don't forget to add guests including other calendars that you want your event to appear on.
If you are allowed to edit other calendars you will see them as alternative choices to which calendar to create the event for.

Embed these and other calendars into your web site:
Most sites and web page design programs have a way to embed calendars on a page. They may ask for the calendars email or it's URL
You can embed these calendars in your web site using these emails or url addresses:
If you have the calendars you want already in your Google calendar you can also try this site to generate the html to copy and past to your site.