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April 13, 2010

posted Apr 20, 2010, 8:21 PM by Admin   [ updated Apr 25, 2010, 9:00 PM ]
Invocation; Terry Mixer Pledge of Allegiance Tricia Stall gives Info. about Tax Day events, GOOOH, Rob Whitman's office grand opening, Riverside Hospital issue (more on . Ken Sparks; Liberty University, Lynchburg. David Deitrich; Does any city stay within it's budget? Nicole Richards; Hampton call it a "guideline". Robert Alexander; The goal of Peninsula Tea Party and all Tea Party is to get involved and take control of every level of government. We will use this site and tools to be able to network and help each other do that.  Mary Leedom; Tuscany group meets on the 3rd Thursday. (end 1st recording)  Transparency in government. New newspaper coming soon "York County Taxpayer."
Someone asking about background of candidate Phillips in Hampton? (2nd recording ends) Shannon Woods...  Mike Prunty, American Freedom Project; would like to restart the York County Tax Payers Alliance, and start a Peninsula Tax Payers Alliance. Tax day events. New location?
James Quigley, running for 3rd District; (11 min of  3rd recording) Issues, willing to come out to your locations. Asked about & confirmed support for Fair Tax. 
Carl Anderson; (16 min of 3rd recording) Suggested issue groups to begin: (goal to position papers reports etc.)
  • School Books, 
  • Tax reform; Fair Tax, Flat Tax, VAT, 
  • Constitution; can it be changed?
  • Outreach & education; Expand the Tea Party
  • Budgets; Local, State, Federal
  • Recall efforts of State & Federal elected officials
  • Campaign action and volunteer (brought up by Ken Sparks) "Boots on the ground"
Gary Porther; Guide Book for Policy Makers from the Cato Institute outlines steps to return us to a more constitutional government and first step can be using 
Pat Lock independent coordinator for Independence Caucus 
Marcia Funk; The Virginia Tea Party Patriot coalition is working on a candidate quiz.
Sanford Panken; The key to a regional organization is to have a structure in place to remain consistent on issues and to be able to coordinate action.
David Deitrich; The opposition like OFA will be out there and we have to be as good or better at being organized.
Robert Alexander; (39 min of 3rd) We will take action and form committees or issue groups and we can prevail because it is not for the organization to have power but for the individuals to have the power.
Mike Prunty; (41 min of 3rd) This group is a way to get involved and Candidates that need help will find you. Re: committees, we should remain as one. Or if we need to discuss individual topics we should still bring them to the whole group. We don't want to emulate the other top-down organizations of the political parties. Stay away from a strong structure.
Carl (50 min of 3rd) Small groups can better discuss items in more detail and bring to the group.
Tricia Stall; (57 min of 3rd) the sub-committees could be a great resource to bring speakers to meetings and develop research etc.
Alexander; will set up blogs/forums for each group that will be public and you can volunteer to lead the discussion there and have the conversation online or send in reports of sub-meetings.

Recording 1 of April Meeting

Recording 2 of April Meeting

Recording 3 of April Meeting